The Laboratory of Nanomedicine and Immunoengineering started in Fall 2019 at the University of Kentucky. Our lab is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge technologies for disease treatment. Our research falls into the broad fields of nanobiotechnology, genome editing, immunoengineering, and cancer therapy.

Representative publications:

  • Sheng Tong*, Buhle Moyo*, Ciaran M. Lee, Kam Leong, and Gang Bao. Engineered materials for in vivo delivery of genome editing machinery. Nature Reviews Materials, 4, 726-737, 2019.

  • Haibao Zhu*, Linlin Zhang*, Sheng Tong*, Ciaran Lee, Harshavardhan Deshmukh, and Gang Bao. Spatial control of in vivo CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing via nanomagnets. Nature Biomedical Engineering. 3, 126-136, 2019.

  • Sheng Tong, Christopher Quinto, Priya Mohindra, Linlin Zhang, and Gang Bao. Size-Dependent heating of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles. ACS Nano, 11, 6808-6816, 2017.

  • Yongzhi Qiu*, Sheng Tong*, Linlin Zhang, Yumiko Sakurai, David R. Myers, Lin Hong, Wilbur Lam, and Gang Bao. Magnetic forces enable controlled drug-delivery by disrupting endothelial cell-cell junctions. Nature Communication, 8, 15994, 2017.

  • Sheng Tong, BinBin Ren, Zhilan Zheng, Han Shen, and Gang Bao. Tiny grains give huge gains – nanocrystal-based signal amplification. ACS Nano, 7, 5142-5150, 2013.

  • Sheng Tong*, Sijian Hou*, Binbin Ren, Zhilan Zheng, and Gang Bao. Self-assembly of phospholipid-PEG coating on nanoparticles through dual solvent exchange. Nano Letters. 11, 3720-3726, 2011.

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